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You’ll get a warning if you’re doing one thing you don’t have sufficient permissions for. Don’t overextend by spending more than mandatory, particularly if you’re just experimenting with server hosting. It's best to deny ports like eighty and 443 in the event you don’t use the server for hosting web sites. You should utilize alternate options like CraftBukkit or Spigot that permit more customizations and plugins. We could publish a tutorial for CraftBukkit quickly if there’s an curiosity. Why is your minecraft server server tutorial so lengthy, and yet others are only 2 lines lengthy? A-D. Even after you get out of the display screen session (detach), the server will keep working. In this mode, monsters will come after you once night time falls. If you'd like to change the game mode, difficulty and stuff like that, you should utilize the server console. After you log in, make sure you safe your server. You can safely log off your Ubuntu server now, and the Minecraft server you created will keep running.