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An apartment (frequently American English, Indian English, British English, or Indian ) is usually a tiny self-contained unit (a sort of residential property unit) that occupies less than part of a large construction, usually on a single floor. In certain parts of the world, the term apartment also identifies some privately owned unit within a building, whereas the term flat denotes a room in a hotel, bungalow, or other similar structure. In more developed countries, apartments are often shared in massive buildings, together with one-room houses being called apartments. Although there are several subtypes and types of flat, each of them still constitutes a small home, which typically is made up of kitchen and a sleeping area. Apartment buildings can be grouped into private homes, cooperative homes, or condominiums.

The two main types of apartment buildings are stand-alone apartments and flats that are combined. Stand-alone flats are independent buildings that are not connected by road or other public services. The standalone apartment might have its own entry, or it may share an entry with another building. This type of apartment can also be present in different sizes and styles, depending on its usage.

Cooperative flats are flat buildings where many independent units share a common area. These apartments are sometimes grouped with all the proprietors of those buildings into apartments of various sizes and uses. Most cooperatively-owned apartments share a frequent place, including a green roof or common pool place, even though there may be differences in the use of those spaces. Some cooperative apartments may have shared entryways, but a few may have shared areas alone, together with individual offices or other comforts.

Condos are apartments leased to dwell in independently. These flats feature common places and lots of homeowners who own the apartments pay common costs, such as sewer and water. In big apartment buildings, renters usually pay for every one their own utilities. Condos can be found almost anywhere, except in places zoned solely for single-family residences.

One type of apartment construction is your term flat. This is the term used by the majority of realtors and describes a row of apartments in a large town, or to a group of flats in a little town. A large apartment building is often built near a town's downtown area, so that commuters have easy access to the business areas of the city. Apartment buildings also often contain amenities such as grocery stores and schools.

Smaller apartment buildings might be located outside of major cities, or inside a suburban location. They may be found in an industrial area close to a city's downtown or in the woods or countryside. Many of these apartments are usually newer compared to huge apartment buildings and possess more upscale features and additional bedrooms than the smaller ones. They are also priced more easily compared to the larger ones, and apartment tenants usually pay somewhat greater rent than home owners.

Self-contained housing identifies apartments and condos which are located on their own private land. Self-contained home provides the flat dweller with all of the comforts of a house, such as access to running water and power. Unlike in apartment buildings, most renters do not cover common areas or common expenses. Renters generally pay a greater rent than homeowners. Sometimes, self-contained condos and flats can be found in places that are far from the closest public transportation services. However, many tenants prefer self-contained accommodations since they provide more space and privacy, at a lower cost than traditional housing.

There are a range of different kinds of apartment buildings. Some of them contain one, two, three and four bedroom apartments, studio apartments, condominiums, townhouses, row houses and modular homes. These apartment buildings often come with or without attached garages and using a choice of ground floor, first floor and above ground floor areas. Apartment buildings can be found all around the world. Some of the most popular U.S. places include San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta and many others.

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